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verie44 Reply:
July 15th, 2010 at 12:56 pm

Yes, some do want to prove themselves. They take a kind of pride that their wife can buy anything she wants and they can provide it. But that woman obviously comes from a materialistic ?sex and the city? viewpoint.

Guys know that some men don?t particularly want a low number of partners ? some marry the girl who?s the best in bed that they?ve had, and that may or may not be a girl with A LOT of partners, since different people tend to show you different things. Some of my girlfriends? strategy to land a man falls in this category and it?s worked out for 2 of them.

And yes, some guys seek out high-maintenance women because their mothers are that way or because they believe they?re better / more confident / more deserving.

I?ve seen all of the above, actually more than I?ve seen men talking about women who are modest, have a low number of partners, and want a woman who is low-maintenance. But maybe that?s because NYC is a flashy city that revolves around money?


Athlone  McGinnis Reply:
July 16th, 2010 at 3:49 am

verie44: ?Some men accept women who are the opposite of what you mention and reject women who demonstrate the good traits you talk about as low-class, bad in bed, low-maintenance (I?ve actually heard a man say that as an insult in regard to a woman). As long as this happens, what incentive do women have to not do these things??

Athlone: None, really, but that just proves my point when I say that this strategy may not work for most men. The women don?t have the right qualities and a good number of the men, according to what you?re saying, have no idea how to pick out the ones who do have the right qualities either(and in fact do quite the opposite and chase them away in many cases). The whole endeavor of love will just fall apart at that rate.

verie44: ?It?s your fellow men who are fucking things up for you ? if they didn?t marry these women, women would have to change to be what we know actually works long-term since women are hypergamous.?